Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions

Personal Referral (Individual Customers)

1. The following terms and conditions apply to the Hello Mobile "Refer a Friend" program. By referring a friend's details to the "Refer a Friend" program, you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, you should not refer any person's details to Hello Mobile under this program.

2. To take part in the "Refer a Friend" program, new customers are required to order a Hello Mobile SIM by visiting and ordering a SIM online if they are in possession of a ‘refer a friend’ card from an existing Hello Mobile account holder. New customers may also call 1300 126 999 and order a new SIM from the customer service department. When ordering a SIM online new customers will be required to enter the promotion code from the card in order to receive the bonus credit. When ordering via the customer service department, new customers will be required to supply the details (name, mobile number and address) of the friend who referred them in order to receive the bonus credit.

3. You may not refer your friend's details to Hello Mobile under this "Refer a Friend" program, unless you have first contacted your friend and obtained their permission to do so. If your friend does not provide this permission, you should not provide that friend's name and telephone number to Hello Mobile. By submitting your friend's name and telephone number to Hello Mobile under the "Refer a Friend" program, you are confirming that you have obtained your friend's consent (and you are also consenting) to take part in the "Refer a Friend" program as described in these terms and conditions. Hello Mobile will collect, use and store all of your details and all of your friend's details for the purposes of: contacting your friend to discuss services provided by Hello Mobile and its related bodies corporate; applying the relevant referral credit earned to your account and/or your friend's account (as applicable); maintaining records of the friends you have referred and the referral credits awarded under the program; compiling and maintaining an internal "Do Not Contact" register of friends who indicate to Hello Mobile that they do not wish to hear about the services of Hello Mobile and/or its related bodies corporate; making those details available to such of Hello Mobile's related bodies corporate as may wish to use those details in order to contact your friend for promotional purposes; and carrying out the functions described in the Hello Mobile Privacy Policy (which is to be found at ).

4. Hello Mobile will use reasonable endeavours to contact your friend by phone within 14 business days from the date of receiving the referral from you.