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Fair Use Policy


1. It is important to Hello Mobile that all eligible Hello Mobile customers are able to access our Services. Accordingly, we have devised a Fair Use Policy which applies to:
a) Usage of Hello Mobile Services; and
b) Any promotions or Services which are advertised by Hello Mobile as subject to the Fair Use Policy (“Fair Use Promotions”).

2. We reserve the right to vary the terms of the Fair Use Policy from time to time.

3. Fair Use Policy will be applied if Hello Mobile, acting reasonably, considers that a customer’s use of our products and services is, unreasonable.

Personal use

Unless a Hello Mobile Business Plan all of our products and services are for personal use only. Personal use meant that an individual person use our product and service for private use only. This includes making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages and the use of data service. Use of our service for business and profit generation purpose including carrying out the operations of individual, small or large groups and organisation for profit generation purpose is prohibited.

Excessive and Unreasonable Use

We consider unreasonable use to occur where usage activity adversely affects a any part of Hello Mobile’s network or Hello Mobile’s host carrier’s network or adversely affects the ability of other Hello Mobile customers to use a service, where a service is used in connection with following;

1. Where your use of Hello Mobile Services is reasonably considered by Hello Mobile to be fraudulent or to adversely affect the Hello Mobile Network or other Hello Mobile customers’ use of or access to a Hello Mobile Service or the Hello Mobile Network;

2. Use of a Fair Use Promotion where your participation in a Fair Use Promotion is reasonably considered by Hello Mobile to be fraudulent or to adversely affect the Hello Mobile network or another Hello Mobile customer's use of or access to a Hello Mobile service or the Hello Mobile network.

3. Among other things, "fraudulent use" includes resupplying a Hello Mobile Service without Hello Mobile’s consent so that someone else may access or use Hello Mobile Services or take advantage of a Fair Use Promotion.

4. Excessive and unreasonable use also includes an abuse of the promotions wherein in the opinion of Hello Mobile, the Customer has, or is taking unfair or unreasonable advantage of such promotions and details examples of unreasonable used include but are not limited to;
a) Leaving a call connection open for purpose unrelated to making call, or while in an unattended state for a prolonged period of time eg. as a baby monitor or other security monitor purpose;
b) using Hello Mobile service for mass distribution to a large number of recipients;
c) using the product to provide call centre services, to carry out telemarketing or for other use;
d) Use software (such as a automated agent) to maintain a connection or to reconnect when you are not personally using such connection or attempt to make more than one simultaneous connection to the service;
e) Re-supply or resell the service;
f) using a device that switches or reroutes calls to or from any part of Hello Mobile network or any part of Hello Mobile’s host carrier’s network

Our rights

Where in breach of this Fair Use Policy or Hello Mobile may contact You to discuss changing Your usage so that it confirms to this Fair Use Policy.

2. If, after Hello Mobile has contacted you, Your unreasonable use continues, Hello Mobile without further notice to you,
(a) Suspend or limit the Service (or any feature of it) for any period We think is reasonably necessary; and/or
(b) Terminate Your agreement in accordance with the relevant Part of Section 4, Terms & Conditions of the Standard Form of Agreement.