Key Features

  • Low rates for national and international calls from 1¢/min + flagfall
  • Pay as you go for as little as $10
  • Hello to Hello only 0¢/min + 10¢flagfall
  • Critical Information Summary

National rates

National mobile 12¢/min + flagfall Hello to Hello 0¢/min + flagfall
National landline 0¢/min + flagfall Flagfall Standard - 30¢
13 numbers 5¢/min + flagfall Hello-Hello - 10¢
18 numbers Free Voicemail Retrieval 0¢/min + flagfall
MMS 75¢/MMS Video Messaging: 90¢/message
National SMS 10¢/SMS International SMS 10¢/SMS
Standard 2 min. calls to Australian mobiles Standard - 55¢ 3G Data 5¢/MB
Hello-Hello - 10¢ Expiry 90 Days

International rates

Which country do you want to call?

Rate: $0.315 per min*

Flagfall: $0.30

Why choose SUPA PLAN?

Do you want cheap international and local calls? If so, SUPA PLAN could be the way to stay in touch with family and friends. Being a prepaid plan you pay as you go, so no nasty shocks. And with calls from as low as 0¢ per minute (plus flagfall), you will have plenty of time to catch up.

How do I buy the SUPA PLAN?

If you’re already a Hello Mobile customer you can change plans in My Account or you can call the friendly customer service team on 126 999 for help.
If you’re new to Hello you need to order a new Hello Mobile SIM first. Click Here To buy a SIM or call 1300 126 999 to talk to our team.

What else do I need to know?

Terms and conditions apply for the SUPA PLAN - Terms & Conditions and Critical Information Summary Premium rate phone lines and premium rate SMS services are not available with Hello Mobile.Please Click Here for SUPA PLAN standard rates.

Still in a contract?

You like what you see but you are still in a contract? No problem. We can give you a call when your current contract is about to expire. Click Here to register your details.