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Frequently Asked Questions


  • 01.Who is Hello Mobile?

  • 02.Where can I purchase a SIM?

  • 03.What size SIM should i use ?

  • 04.I have ordered my SIM online. How long will delivery take?

  • 05.What do I need to join Hello Mobile?

  • 06.How do I register my Hello Mobile SIM Card?

  • 07.Where can I find my new Hello Mobile number and the SIM card number?

  • 08.Can I keep my current mobile number?

  • 09.How long will it take to transfer the number?


  • 01.How do I check my balance?

  • 02.How to Top Up my Hello Mobile Account?

  • 03.What Credit / Debit cards do you accept?

  • 04.What is the minimum amount I can recharge?

  • 05.What is Auto Top Up and how does it work?

  • 06.Do I receive a monthly billing from Hello Mobile?


  • 01.How to setup and access voicemail?

  • 02.Is it possible to retrieve Hello Mobile voicemail messages from my landline?

  • 03.How do I deactivate my voicemail?

  • 04.How do I set-up Internet and MMS?

  • 05.Why am I being asked to Enter a PUK code?

  • 06.Trouble sending / receiving SMS?

  • 07.My handset is locked

  • 08.Poor / No Coverage in my area


  • 01.Do calls have a flagfall charge?

  • 02.How much does it cost to access voicemail?

  • 03.What are the available plans?

  • 04.Do you have postpaid plans?

  • 05.Do you offer free mobile phones?

  • 06.Do you have a wireless broadband service?

  • 07.How much does it cost to call Hello Mobile Customer Service?

  • 08.Are there any monthly or hidden charges?

  • 09.How long is the credit expiry?

  • 10.What if I need more data in my 30 days plans?


  • 01.What mobile handsets can I use with Hello Mobile SIM cards?

  • 02.How to know the right SIM card size for my mobile?

  • 03.Can I change plans?

  • 04.Is it free to request for a different SIM card size?

  • 05.My SIM card has been stolen/lost. How do I prevent someone else from using it?

  • 06.Does Hello Mobile lock handsets?

  • 07.How do I send a text message from Australia to another country with Hello Mobile?

  • 08.Do you offer international roaming?

  • 09.What network provider Hello Mobile is using?

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