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Frequently Asked Questions


  • 01.Who is Hello Mobile?

  • 02.Where can I purchase a SIM?

  • 03.What size SIM should i use ?

  • 04.I have ordered my SIM online. How long will delivery take?

  • 05.What do I need to join Hello Mobile?

  • 06.How do I register my Hello Mobile SIM Card?

  • 07.Where can I find my new Hello Mobile number and the SIM card number?

  • 08.Can I keep my current mobile number?

  • 09.How long will it take to transfer the number?

  • 10.I need mobile data. But how much data do I need?

    There are few factors that would affect the actual amount of data usage. The table below may be of assistance to gain a better understanding of how much data you are using. This may help you choose the right plan that you need. Please note that actual usage will depend on the device used, the technology used (3G or 4G) and other factors. The information below is based on averages and provides estimates only.

    Email text only 30 – 50 KB
    Email with attachment, i.e. document or photo 350 KB – 4 MB
    Website viewing 1 MB
    Streaming video/minute 7 MB (3G), 30 MB (4G)
    Streaming music/minute 1 MB
    Downloading a song 6 MB
    Downloading an app 30 – 100 MB
    Uploading a photo 4 MB
    Making a video call with an app/minute 8 MB (3G), 24 MB (4G)


  • 01.How do I check my balance?

  • 02.How to Top Up my Hello Mobile Account?

  • 03.What Credit / Debit cards do you accept?

  • 04.What is the minimum amount I can recharge?

  • 05.What is Auto Top Up and how does it work?

  • 06.Do I receive a monthly billing from Hello Mobile?


  • 01.How to setup and access voicemail?

  • 02.Is it possible to retrieve Hello Mobile voicemail messages from my landline?

  • 03.How do I deactivate my voicemail?

  • 04.How do I set-up Internet and MMS?

  • 05.Why am I being asked to Enter a PUK code?

  • 06.Trouble sending / receiving SMS?

  • 07.My handset is locked

  • 08.Poor / No Coverage in my area


  • 01.Do calls have a flagfall charge?

  • 02.How much does it cost to access voicemail?

  • 03.What are the available plans?

  • 04.Do you have postpaid plans?

  • 05.Do you offer free mobile phones?

  • 06.Do you have a wireless broadband service?

  • 07.How much does it cost to call Hello Mobile Customer Service?

  • 08.Are there any monthly or hidden charges?

  • 09.How long is the credit expiry?

  • 10.What if I need more data in my 30 days plans?

  • 11.What equipment compatibility require for Hello Mobile plans?


  • 01.What mobile handsets can I use with Hello Mobile SIM cards?

  • 02.Can I change plans?

  • 03.Is it free to request for a different SIM card size?

  • 04.My SIM card has been stolen/lost. How do I prevent someone else from using it?

  • 05.How can I prevent unauthorized access to my mobile services from the third party?

  • 06.Does Hello Mobile lock handsets?

  • 07.How do I send a text message from Australia to another country with Hello Mobile?

  • 08.Do you offer international roaming?

  • 09.What network provider Hello Mobile is using?

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