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How it Works

How do I sign up?

To join Hello Mobile, simply select your desired plan and purchase a SIM pack online. You will need the following information when you sign up:

A valid ID

A valid email address

An Australian address

A Debit or credit card OR a Paypal account (for payment)

The SIM pack will be delivered to you for free. The SIM card has been activated when you received it, so simply insert your new SIM card into your device and it is ready for use.

How do I recharge my SIM?

Recharging your SIM is easy!

Auto Top-up
This is a hassle-free method to recharge your Hello Mobile service. You simply nominate a Debit Card or Credit Card and link to your account. Your account will be recharged automatically when the balance falls below the trigger amount or at the end of the plan’s expiry.

On Hello Mobile website, you can recharge by logging into My Account. Just click on “Recharge my phone”.

My Hello Mobile App
If you are using iOS device, you can download My Hello Mobile App for free and recharge anytime.

Recharge Voucher / Recharge Card
If you don’t have a credit card / debit card to recharge through the above options, you can buy the recharge voucher/ recharge card from your local store, including…

Recharge card from your local store, including...